Darryl Patton

Darryl Patton has been hunting, gathering and working with medicinal plants for the past 35 years on Lookout Mountain in the Southern Appalachians. Darryl is an ND as well as a Master Herbalist and brings many years of experience to the field of alternative medicine. Known for his easy-going approach towards teaching the identification and uses of medicinal plants, Darryl has been called a walking encyclopedia of herbal folklore.

For 13 years, Darryl was privileged to spend thousands of hours studying under the late A. L. "Tommie" Bass, one of the last of the old mountain herb doctors.


Known internationally among herbalists as well as the common folk living near Lookout Mountain, Alabama, Tommie Bass used his God-given ability and vast knowledge of medical herbs to help thousands of people from all walks of life.


Maggie B. Conklin BA, ND

Maggie grew up in Saugatuck, Michigan, where she lives today. She moved away to go to college in St. Louis, Missouri where she graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a B.A. degree. After graduation she worked for two years managing the oldest health food store in St. Louis. While there she worked closely with an ND and soon realized that she had a calling to work as an ND herself, but she didn’t have the means to go back to school at the time.


She then moved back home to Michigan where she met her husband Ron and worked for twenty two years at a company that imports and distributes vitamin, herb, and nutraceutical raw materials to vitamin manufacturers throughout North America. In this position she worked closely with hundreds of supplement manufacturers and has visited dozens of these companies. During this time she read daily reports from around the world on the most recent science about these products, and many people started

coming to her with their natural health questions because of her wide knowledge. Reading innovative science is still part of her daily regimen.

Once their youngest son graduated from college Maggie found that she had “empty nest syndrome” with both extra time and extra funds on her hands. Remembering her desire to become an ND she finally did so, partly so that she could put that diploma behind her already large repertoire of natural health knowledge, and mostly because it called to her soul. She could honestly say that she fully understood nutritional supplements from beginning to end, from manufacturing to how they affected the human body.

Maggie owns her own practice, LadyHawk Nutrition LLC in Saugatuck, Michigan, where she enjoys enlightening clients about their own health and nutrition, and especially likes watching each person’s journey towards health. In this practice she uses many types of nutritional therapies to find the causes of disease and then offer her clients options to address those causes. In this way they are able to remove the sources of disease and allow the body to heal.

She also leads impromptu and informal “herb walks” when the Michigan weather allows. Maggie is just as comfortable teaching one-on-one as she is in a small group or in front of a crowd of hundreds. The end results are the same; she teaches others and they in turn teach her. Every interaction is a learning opportunity.

Frustrated with being able to help only one person or one family at a time, she leapt at the offer from Darryl Patton to help him start a school of natural health. She is comforted by the number of people who can acquire the secrets of nature and healing from Heirloom Academy of Healing Arts, and how they in turn will spread that knowledge around the world.

With all of these passions she can even find time to write books. “Meatatarian: The Next Level of Paleo Diet” is the first to be published. You can download it or buy a paperback copy on Amazon.


Bob Lang

Dr. Lang has been in the nutrition and supplement business for 20 plus years. Currently Dr. Bob owns Huckleberry Lang, LLC in Cullman, AL where he enjoys seeing clients to do Iridology. Practicing Iridology as a diagnostic tool gives a very precise understanding of the strengths and weakness of the body. With this understanding the practitioner is able to give an intelligent recommendation for supplements and/or single herbs/herbal formulas.


Dr. Lang not only will be teaching body constitution but will integrate the emotional information that is registered in the eye.


Becky Bishop

Becky is a seventh generation Alabamian, descended from pioneer-farmers.​

Her passions are herbalism, American history and genealogy. She first learned of medicinal herbs from her grandparents, Gary and Janet Smith of Ashland, AL in 2009. The following year, she attended her first plant walk with Darryl Patton and her interest in herbalism has continued to grow.​

Becky and her husband Will live in Jacksonville, AL with several dogs and cats. They raise chickens, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Becky is a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a Bachelor of Science and is a current student in the Deep South Center for Herbal Studies, where she studies under Master Herbalist Darryl Patton.

Matt St. John

Matt St. John is a Naturopathic Doctor and herbalist, founder of St. John's Nutrition and a formulator for other natural product companies. He enjoys spending his time educating others about health and wellness through conducting seminars, writing, participating in radio shows, and making television appearances. He lives with his beautiful family in the Lookout Mountain region of Alabama and has committed himself to making health and wellness easy to understand while also being readily available to everyone regardless of their economic status, race, culture, or beliefs.

At 16 years of age, Matt met folk herbalist Tommie Bass who lived only a half hour from his home. Upon discovering that Matt had a myriad of health issues, Tommie assisted him in getting well so that he could start a new life focused on health and wellness. This new life quickly became engrossed in learning about and incorporating natural medicine not only into his life but helping others find wellness through natural medicine. Matt would visit Tommie often where he began to learn about specific formulations and concepts of natural medicine, and this is where our story began.  From this time, Matt met Tommie’s understudy and friend, the renowned herbalist Darryl Patton, and trained under various wellness experts and practitioners for decades.  Matt has opened over 13 health food stores and clinics across the Southeast, and is the founder of St. John’s Nutrition in Oxford Alabama.


Derek Bible

Derek Bible holds many titles; from teacher, father and husband, to veteran, herbalist, naturalist and tinker. He has dedicated his life to teaching and helping others, preserving nature and passing along knowledge forgotten by most to anyone interested, by providing classes on herbal medicine, foraging, life skills and bush crafting. His students range from 6 to 90 and if there is a skill that can be passed on, he will gladly be there to help disseminate the information. His call to help others led him to The Wellness Warrior Foundation where he put his bachelor’s degree and skills into use as the Director of Project Management. This enables him to lead teams which promotes self-sustainability through the use and education of plant medicine in post-disaster and low-income areas world-wide.

Herbalism is one thing which has stayed constant in his life, the true belief in plant medicine was carried over from his grandmother. His drive to be of service to his community has driven him to open The East Texas Herbal Exchange, a facility to teach plant medicine, herbal skills and to care for those in his community. Not only does he create the medicine with his own hands, he creates long term bonds with his clients. It is also the home of the Texas Chapter of The Wellness Warrior Foundation.

Derek and his wife Lauren can generally be found chasing their two children through the woods of East Texas where they reside, communing with nature, teaching homesteading skills and emergency preparedness together. They can be reached at 723 Cr 890 Cushing TX 75760


Tony “Doc” McCallum & Rebecca “Becca” McCallum

Tony is the founder and CEO of Mid-America Safety Services LLC, and Mid-America Safety Services Nashville LLC his companies teaches people to better prepare for survival, whether it’s everyday survival or in the worse conditions. He served as a Corpsman in the US Navy and later as a Contractor for the Department of Defense. He is a Level 5 Krav Maga practitioner, a paramedic, an executive protection specialist, A defensive tactics instructor, a close quarter combat instructor, an Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting Instructor, Tactical Emergency Causality Care Instructor, Tactical Medical Practitioner Instructor and holds many more instructor certifications. Tony is a sought-after speaker for not only local but national conferences. He is married to an amazing lady and is a dad to three beautiful girls, which he considers his biggest accomplishments.


Becca is Chief Operating Officer of Mid-America Safety Services
LLC, and Mid-America Safety Services LLC Nashville. She is Mid-Americas Lead Female Hand to Hand Combat Instructor and is the author of their Ladies Self Defense program called Ladies F.I.R.S.T. Female Incident Response Survival Tactics. She is a Level 5 Krav Maga practitioner, an executive protection specialist, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics instructor, CPR Instructor, and Wilderness First Aid Instructor. She is certified in Tactical Combat Causality Care, Israeli Tactical Knife fighting, Israeli Combat Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. She is a currently pursuing her love for Herbal alternatives as a student of the great Darryl Patton She is a mother of 3 daughters, a wife of Tony McCallum whom she thoroughly enjoys taking care of and spoiling.


Dr. Frances H. Koe, M.D.

Dr. Koe is a licensed family physician. She attended the University of Alabama School of Medicine and graduated from Tuscaloosa Family Medicine residency in 2007. Dr. Koe has been in practice in Collinsville Alabama for 10 years and currently operates two clinics Wills Valley Family Medicine and Valley Care DPC. She has studied nutrition for over 30 years and this is what lead her to go to school to become a physician. Dr. Koe's goals as a physician are to be available and involved in the community, teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and to be available for all general health care. She not only house calls for the elderly and homebound patients when the need arises but also goes to the local nursing homes to see patients too. Being a family practioner, she treats patients from newborns to the end of life. A trademark for the type of care she gives would be the least invasive and most natural treatment available. She loves to farm in her spare time on her 76 acre organic farm. Dr Koe tries to mix medicine and farming to help patients by taking herbal classes and teaching at her farm


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