Return To The Roots of Natural Health

Deep South Herbal Conference 

Mt. Cheaha State Park
August 14 - 16, 2020
Practical Herbal Medicine
Aug 14 -16, 2020
Cost: $250

Bald Rock Group Lodge

Delta, AL 36258

Contact for more info:

 Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and the Shelter in Place/Safer at Home order from the State, Cheaha State Park is rescheduling the conference to August 14-17th. If you have made reservations at the lodge or campground, they can change it for you if you give them a call. In the meantime, for those registered, I will be starting a private Facebook group tomorrow. The instructors at the conference will be sharing tips and videos as a sort of virtual conference until the actual physical conference in August....... This also gives you time to register if you thought you had missed out. I know it will be hot in August but Mt. Cheaha is the highest point in Alabama and has a nice summer climate, even in August....
"Return To The Roots of Natural Health"

Join us at Mt. Cheaha State Park, the highest point in Alabama for a weekend of herbal discovery. Come and learn from a great variety of speakers such as Robin McGee, Darryl Patton, Maggie Baker Conklin and other great herbal educators.

With hands-on intensives, lectures, wild food tastings and herb walks, you will be sure to a great time reconnecting with nature and learning about the Roots of Natural Medicine.

Please Note: This is a politics free event. Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior related to politics will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund. This conference is for participants to reconnect with the land and our first love of using plants and alternative medicine.



(Updated Speakers Coming Soon)


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